The Coaching Process

"Coaching is a partnership in which I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions. I work with you to enable your dreams and help you to discover new ways of thinking. I will be there supporting you when the world is testing you." - Moira Bailey, The Professional Woman's Coach.

Coaching Process Chart

Having decided to start the programme a meeting will be arranged for you with me, Moira Bailey. This session is focused on exploring your personal and business goals. It is important to discuss both personal and business goals because sometimes these can appear to be at odds.

As a client, you bring the agenda to the coaching whilst I provide the structure of support to help you focus and achieve the outcomes you desire. The more specific your agenda is at each meeting, the greater the value you will receive.

Using my Coaching Experience Model we take a structured approach to coaching. Usually, following this model, programmes consist of 6 x 1 hour sessions over 3 months.

Many of my clients find the first session one of the most challenging aspects of the programme simply because, with continued focus on their day to day work priorities, they haven't allowed themselves time to think about what they really want.

Having set your initial personal and professional goals, we establish a timeframe for achieving the positive outcomes, before discussing the aims that you want to prioritise for your subsequent session.

At each coaching session, we review your goals and discuss any barriers that are deterring your progress towards them. By using a method of questioning and discussion, you will learn to focus, prioritise and motivate yourself to achieve your prioritised goals – one by one – unleashing your power and performance.

Throughout the programme you will also receive email support and up to 3 of my “Just-in-Time” 15 minute telephone top-up sessions - intended to unhook those difficult moments where motivation can slide or barriers seem too strong.

“Your coach stands alongside you, shouting encouragement, loudly!”

Case Studies

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