Director, Digital Media Company - 20 March 2011

I worked with both directors over 12 months meeting together every 4-6 weeks. The company was a few months old and had started well but with many ideas the directors had become unclear about the best direction.
We created a high trust relationship between the three of us and during the sessions I worked with and coached one director, whilst the other director listened and then switched; this enabled each director to talk about what they were managing in an open, honest way. They would then discuss what they discovered and learnt from the interactions and together created committed actions to take forward. I believe that it sped up the company's development and enabled it to grow as quickly as it did.

This is what one of the partners had to say.

I am delighted to pass on my highest recommendation. Moira’s coaching skills are exceptional and have produced some amazing results for us and our business. Specifically she has been a significant contribution in us rapidly increasing the size of contracts we are approaching – our initial contract scale was around 10k, we are currently pitching for, approximately, a one million pound a year contract. The structure of regular meeting with Moira has enabled us to stay on track and grow with extreme velocity.

Also, she creates a safe space to communicate in, combined with an incredible skill in causing challenging conversations which have had us reach often unexpected and powerful outcomes. She consistently offers us great insight and knowledge on many levels and in many areas. She is also extremely generous and creative in her efforts to forward our business projects.

Moira operates with an immensely high level of integrity – she has always honored her commitments and promises to us which enable her to hold us to account for fulfilling on our potential.

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